Aparat de aer conditionat Fujitsu ASYA09LKC-AOYR09LKC

imagine Aparat de aer conditionat Fujitsu ASYA09LKC-AOYR09LKC asya09lkc/llcDesign modern , compact
Nivel de zgomot redus , numai 21dB(mod silentios)
Incalzire eficienta si la -15 grade C

Caracteristici tehnice Aparat de aer conditionat Fujitsu ASYA09LKC-AOYR09LKC asya09lkc/llc
Incalzire Randament Incalzire (COP): 3.43
Putere consumata la incalzire (W): 1.49KW
General Tip: Aparat de aer conditionat cu inverter
Inverter: Da
Flux aer: Indoor :
Hi 710/730 m3/h
Med 590/590 m3/h
Low 430/460 m3/h
Super Quiet 260/290 m3/h
Outdoor 1720/1510 m3/h
Diametrul tubului (lichid/gaz): Connection Pipe Size6.35/9.52 (Smallφ/Largeφ)
Drain Pipe Diameter 16
Agent de racire: 650 g inclus
Altele: Indoor Unit :ASYA09LKC
Outdoor Unit AOYR09LKC
Capacity at -7 gr C Heating :2.10kW
Moisture Removal 1.3 l/h
Compressor :Rotary
Alimentare: 230/1/50 V/φ/Hz
Unitate interioara: Dimensiuni unitate interioara (mm): 260x790x202 mm
Greutate unitate interioara (kg): 7.5 Kg
Zgomot unitate interioara (dB): Hi :43/43
Med 38/38
Low 33/33
Super Quiet 21/21
Unitate exterioara: Dimensiuni unitate exterioara (mm): 540x660x290 mm
Greutate unitate exterioara (kg): 22 Kg
Zgomot unitate exterioara (dB): 45/45
Racire Capacitate de racire (BTU): 8500
Clasa energetica racire: A
Randament Racire (EER): 3.21
Putere consumata la racire (W): 0.780 kW
Intensitate curent la racire: 4.2 A
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 10900
Clasa energetica incalzire: A
Randament Incalzire (COP): 3.62
Putere consumata la incalzire (W): 0.885kW
Intensitate curent la incalzire: 4.8 A

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