Unitate interioara Hokkaido HKEU 266 X

imagine Unitate interioara Hokkaido HKEU 266 X hkeu 266 x

Caracteristici tehnice Unitate interioara Hokkaido HKEU 266 X hkeu 266 x
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 8023
General Tip: Unitate interioara cu DC Inverter
Inverter: Da
Flux aer: (Hi/Mi/Lo) : 570/480/350 m3/h
Diametrul tubului (lichid/gaz): Refrigerant Pipe Liquid/Gas side : 6,35 – 9,52 mm
Agent de racire: R410A
Accesorii incluse: Infrared remote control.
Functii: Clean air function: ioniser device for air purification.,
Follow me function: sensor built-in to the remote control for temperature detection and automatic compensation of the thermal gradient.
Altele: Drain hose diameter : 20 mm
Alimentare: 1-220~230V-50HZ
Unitate interioara: Dimensiuni unitate interioara (mm): 795x270x165
Greutate unitate interioara (kg): 10
Zgomot unitate interioara (dB): Noise level 1 m (Hi/Mi/Lo) : 37/33/27 dB(A),
Noise level 2,5 m (Hi/Mi/Lo) : 29/25/19 dB(A)
Racire Capacitate de racire (BTU): 8877
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 9901

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