Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTFU 362 XRV

imagine Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTFU 362 XRV htfu 362 xrv

Caracteristici tehnice Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTFU 362 XRV htfu 362 xrv
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 10926
General Tip: Unitate interioara 4 WAYS COMPACT CASSETTE (60 × 60) XRV MULTI SYSTEM DC INVERTER
Inverter: Da
Flux aer: (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 314 / 409 / 521 m3/h
Diametrul tubului (lichid/gaz): Refrigerant pipes Liquid/Gas side : 6,35 – 12,7 mm
Agent de racire: R410A
Altele: Drain hose diameter: 25mm,
Drain pump head : (up to) 360 mm,
Refrigerant Control : Electronic Expansion Valve box,
Wide range of oscillation at 40 gr,
Condensate drain pump with possibility of raising the discharge up to 360 mm from the outlet height.
Alimentare: 1-220~240-50 Ph-V-Hz
Unitate interioara: Dimensiuni unitate interioara (mm): 575x265x575,
Grille size (WxHxD) :647x50x647
Greutate unitate interioara (kg): body + grille : 22
Zgomot unitate interioara (dB): Noise level 1 m (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 29/35/41 dB(A),
Noise level 2,5 m (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 21/27/33 dB(A)
Racire Capacitate de racire (BTU): 12291
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 13657

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