Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTBU 561 XRV

imagine Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTBU 561 XRV htbu 561 xrv

Caracteristici tehnice Unitate interioara Hokkaido HTBU 561 XRV htbu 561 xrv
General Tip: panel tfp 352 ihr-s
Altele: Pentru : HTFU 222 XRV ,HTFU 282 XRV,HTFU 362 XRV,HTFU 452 XRV
Tip: Unitate interioara 4 WAYS CASSETTE (84 × 84) XRV MULTI SYSTEM DC INVERTER
Inverter: Da
Flux aer: (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 650/800/950 m3/h
Diametrul tubului (lichid/gaz): Refrigerant pipes Liquid/Gas side : 9,53 – 15,9 mm
Agent de racire: R410A
Altele: Moisture Removal :1,8 l/h,
Power consumption :90 W,
Drain hose diameter : 32 mm,
Fresh air intake : 75 mm,
Air intake for adjacent room : 350 x 85 mm,
Drain pump head : (up to) 360 mm,
Refrigerant Control : Electronic Expansion Valve box,
3D coaxial fan: reduces the resistances to rotation and allows for a uniform distribution of air in the heat exchanger and when the air exits the 4 outlets.,
Opening angle of flap up to 42 gr,
Pre-set for duct connection of fresh-air intake and duct for cooling/heating a small adjacent room.,
Condensing drain pump with possibility of raising the discharge up to 360 mm from the outlet height.
Alimentare: 1-220~240-50 Ph-V-Hz
Unitate interioara: Dimensiuni unitate interioara (mm): Unit dimension (WxHxD) : 840x230x840,
Grille size (WxHxD) : 950x46x950
Greutate unitate interioara (kg): body + grille : 32
Zgomot unitate interioara (dB): Noise level 1 m (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 36/38/39 dB(A),
Noise level 2,5 m (Lo/Mi/Hi) : 29/31/32 dB(A)
Racire Capacitate de racire (BTU): 18779
Incalzire Capacitate de incalzire (BTU): 21510

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